Everflon Polymer Co., Ltd belongs to the C&F group, is the Chinese foremost manufacturer of fluoropolymer products and is a leading export in that field. We strive to find new possibilities for liveing and industry by making the most of fluorine characteristics which widely used in applications ranging from data and semicodnductor industries to household item used in everday living. The potential for developing application for our products is growing without limit.
C&F is the world's leading maker of fluoroproducts, including Everflon™ fluoropolymers, Everflon+ compound fluoropolymers, Techyours extrusion fluoro extrusions, and Techyours coating coatings.

FanCHEM Industrial Refrigerants

A breakthrough range of refrigerants that deliver efficiency while lowering global warming potential



Everflon PTFE Resins

Have exceptional resistance to high temperatures, chemical reaction, corrosion, and stress-cracking.

Everflon FEP Resins

For applications requiring chemical resistance, electrical properties, or high-heat resistance

Everflon ETFE Resins

Combines mechanical power with exceptional chemical stillness for rotational molding.


Everflon PFA Resins

Provides the processing ease of thermoplastic resins with high-temperature performance up to 260°C.



Everflon PVDF Resins

Provides the processing ease of thermoplastic resins with high-temperature performance up to 260°C.


Everflon+ Color Fluroplastic

10 Standard Color supply with Color Masterbatch and Pre-color resin also supply.

Everflon+ Foam Fluroplastic

Chemical&Physcial Foam type with 30%-75% foam percentage.


Everflon+ Reinforce Compound 

Compound with different materials to reinforce PTFE.FEP.PFA.ETFE propertites.



Techyours PTFE Tube&Film

It resists “melt-off” by soldering irons when making terminations. Because of its excellent dielectric properties

Techyours FEP Tube&Film

Clear tubing that is an economical choice for applications requiring chemical resistance and a broad temperature exposure

Techyours PFA Tube&Film

Product of choice for applications involving extreme chemical resistance combined with high temperature exposure.  


Everflon Fluoro Additive

Micropowder with nano size to lubricate,plastic,elastomers,ink and coatings.



Techyours ETFE Tube&Film

Commonly used in wiring harnesses, in exterior film applications where weathering resistance is desirable.

Techyours Non Stick Coatings

We didn't just invent the nonstick cookware category; we're constantly perfecting it.

Techyours Industrial Coating

Six exceptional coatings, all with resistance to high temperatures, chemical reactions, corrosion, and stress-cracking