Industrial Equipment

Typical Applications

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Fluoroplastic materials offer a wide variety of desirable characteristics in industrial applications where wear resistance, sealing, filtration, and high temperature performance are required. When used as an additive, coating or in a compound, fluoropolymers contribute their unique PTFE or Melts based properties to the host material to which they are paired with, providing non-stick properties, improved lubricity, anti-drip and better wear resistance.

Fabric and fiber coating

Everflon PTFE  D60F   Everflon FEP D50F

Filtration membranes

Everflon PVDF H2020  Everflon PTFE F1000

Gaskets, bushings, bearings

Everflon PTFE M40      Everflon FEP M4601

Everflon PFA M403      Everflon ETFE E4001

Everflon PTFE MV-1    

Non-stick belting

Everflon PTFE  D60P    Everflon PTFE F500
Elastomeric and engineering plastic compounds Everflon PTFE MV3E    Everflon PTFE MV5P
Sealing tapes Everflon PTFE F100
Release films

Everflon FEP E4601     Everflon ETFE E4010

Tehyours FEP Film

Conveyor Belting Everflon PTFE  D60F




Typical Applications

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Because of their temperature/chemical resistance, electrical performance and low flammability, fluoroplastics are the material of choice in vital electrical, sealing, and fluid handling systems in many aerospace and military applications

Wire & Cable Insulation

Everflon FEP E4622     Everflon PFA E420

Everflon ETFE E4020   Everflon PVDF H2020

Fule & Hydraulic hoses

Everflon FEP E4622     Everflon PTFE F500

Gaskets, bushings

Everflon PTFE M40      Everflon FEP M4601

Everflon PFA M403      Everflon ETFE E4001

Coaxial & Communication Wire

Everflon FEP  CF4535   Everflon XETFE 


Typical Applications

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Fluoropolymers are specified in many local area network, computer, and mobile telephony applications due to their outstanding electrical performance and fire/temperature resistance — vital for system critical equipment and devices.  This has become increasingly important as more and more interactions in society become technology-dependent.

Lan cable

Everflon FEP E4622   Everflon FEP E460

Everflon Foam FEP CF4635

HDMI cable

Everflon FEP E4622   Everflon PTFE F500

Mini coaxial cable

Everflon FEP E4630

High frequency antenna wire

Everflon PTFE F1000 Everflon Foam FEP CF4650 




Typical Applications

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The semiconductor industry is almost entirely dependent on fluoroplastics as they are the only materials that can hold and transport the harsh chemicals used in the manufacturing process. Without them, electronic equipment such as personal computers, cellular phones, LCD, Plasma and LED displays could not be produced

Silicone wafer  carriers

Everflon PFA E410

High purity fluid handing equipment

Everflon FEP E4610

Clean room fabrics

Everflon PTFE D60P Everflon Fabrics




Typical Applications

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As relatively lightweight plastics with exceptional chemical resistance, fluoroplastics help aircraft and auto makers meet ever-increasing standards for weight, fuel economy and emissions.  Their ability to withstand the harshest environments, from high-temperature sealing and electrical systems to fluid handling, is critical.

Seals & Bushs

Everflon PTFE M40

Fule & brake hoses/tubing

Everflon PTFE F500     Everflon FEP T4608

Underhood wire

Everflon FEP E4622     Everflon PFA E420

Lubricate additive

Everflon PTFE Micropowder MV-1
Airfram wire/release film Everflon FEP E4610 
Oxygen sensor cable Everflon FEP E4622




Typical Applications

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Inert, corrosion-resistant fluoroplastics preserve equipment and system integrity for the chemical processing industry. They not only help protect workers, but also provide valuable benefits to business, including higher productivity and less potential liability.

Lined pipes,valves and pumps

Everflon PTFE M40      Everflon FEP M4601

Tanks & reactor linings

Everflon FEP Coating Powder

Gaskets seals

Everflon PTFE M40

Control cables

Everflon FEP E4010



Energy/Pollution Control

Typical Applications

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Fluoropolymers are used in power generation and pollution control systems. With low permeability and chemical and temperature resistance, they help protect people and avoid emissions to the environment, while also ensuring system reliability when used in applications from filters to wire insulation to process components.

Down hole cable

Everflon FEP E4610

Geothermal cable

Everflon FEP E4610        Everflon PFA E410

Acide resistant filter bags

Everflon PTFE F500

Radiation resistant wire 

Everflon XETFE cross linked 
Expansion joints Everflon PTFE F500




Typical Applications

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Chemical and corrosion resistant fluoroplastics used in fluid handling or component carriage systems help ensure a process free of contaminants. Industries that depend on high-purity environments have also begun considering fluoroplastics as an alternative to traditional stainless steel in their operations.

High purity container

Everflon FEP E4615

Lab ware

Everflon Met Fluoroplastic

Ragent bags

Everflon FEP E4610

Lined pipes

Everflon PTFE M40          Everflon FEP T4608
Valves Everflon PTFE M40          Everflon FEP M4601
Fittings Everflon FEP E4615         Everflon PTFE M40