Hubei EverFLON Polymer Co., Ltd. will participate in the 2016 K show in Germany

Author:jufu Time:2016/05/19

Hubei EverFLON Polymer  Co., Ltd. will participate in the 2016 K show in Germany

Germany Dusseldorf International Fair of Plastics and Rubber (K ​​Exhibition) event is the international plastics and rubber industry, nearly half a century,

K show has gradually been recognized as the world's plastics and rubber industry exhibition in the largest international exhibitions.

Since the show has broad international influence, it has been the world's plastics and rubber industry regarded should not miss business opportunities, opportunities to collect information and technical exchange opportunities, therefore, each show attracts professional manufacturers all over the world and many people come to It will be exhibitors and visitors. 

The exhibition held every three years, in 2013 there were from 60 countries and regions, 3,504 companies exhibited, professional audience of about 280,000 people.

Exhibits related to raw materials and additives; machinery and equipment, automation systems; measuring, regulating device, automation systems;; hardware, software; environmental protection and recycling, industrial and personnel safety; molds, dies;; finished products peripherals, parts and components research results of project contracting and business services.


Hubei EverFLON Polymer  Co., Ltd.will participate in Dusseldorf, Germany, the 2016 K show ,helding from October 19, 2016 to October 26, 2016 to.

In this exhibition, our company exhibited all current hot products, from the fluorine chemical industry PTFE products, PTFE suspension resin, the resin dispersion, free-flowing resin, modified resin, filled and composite materials, nano-powder, thermoplastic fluorine plastics include polyvinylidene fluoride, polyethylene FEP, fusible polytetrafluoroethylene, fluorine plastic foam, plastic color fluorine, ethylene - tetrafluoroethylene copolymer, fluorine plastic masterbatch, modified fluoroplastic expect fluorine coating finished aqueous emulsion, room temperature curable coatings, fluorinated additives, powder coatings, such as fluorine. The exhibition provides a platform to promote the Hubei EverFLON Polymer  Co., Ltd. image and help gather Hubei EverFLON Polymer  Co., Ltd. a more long-term development.