Everflon® PTFE D60 is a milky-white, water-based dispersion with a solids content of around 60% and the spherical hydrophobic polymer particles have an average size of around 210 nm. It is primarily used to coat glass cloth and other fabric structures. Due to its excellent wetting properties, multiple coatings are possible. It can even coat low energy substrates such as PTFE fabrics and other hard-to-wet substrates.


Everflon® PTFE D60 is primarily used in glass cloth formulations and provides excellent non-stick properties. It is suitable for substrates such as glass and aramid fabrics that require good oil and grease resistance, such as for conveyor belts, baking foils, and architectural membranes.


Fluorine Makes the Difference
Quite simply, fluorine makes the difference. Like many of our PTFE products, the presence of fluorine gives Everflon® PTFE D60 its broad chemical resistance and temperature stability – as well as weathering and UV stability. Fluorine imparts special properties to fluoropolymers that make the difference for the polymer and the application.


Advancing the Science of Coatings
When formulating with Everflon® PTFE D60 multiple coating layers are possible to build desired coating thickness on fabric substrates. This can provide a low surface energy surface to create a non-stick surface with good chemical resistance. As a result, substrates such as glass and aramid fabrics will have good oil and grease resistance for conveyor belts, baking foils, and architectural membranes. The chemical and temperature resistance increases the durability and range of uses, while providing corrosion protection. The sintered coating is cleared for food contact under US FDA 21 CFR 177.1550. It is also approved by the German Federal Ministry of Health (BGA).


Backed by Unparalleled Research and Customer Support
Like all of our products, Everflon® PTFE D60 is backed by skilled researchers at several C&F tech service laboratories. Collectively, our products benefit from decades of research and development, improving upon PTFE.

Toward that end, we are in regular communication with customers who deliver feedback, allowing us to improve existing products and deliver custom solutions. All of this is part of an unrelenting drive to deliver top products to our customers.


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