Everflon® Fluoroplastic Dispersion FEP D50 is a transparent, water-based fluorothermoplastic dispersion. Dyneon fluoroplastic FEP D50 offers very good non-stick properties, as well as a broad operating temperature range for use in demanding applications. It can be formulated with fluoroplastic dispersions, including PTFE and PFA, a well as a variety of fillers and pigments.


Typical Properties
Everflon® Fluoroplastic Dispersion FEP D50 has an average size of around 150 nm and the viscosity is stable over a wide temperature range, which makes the product easy to process and suitable for use in demanding applications. In addition, the dispersion can be mixed with fillers or pigments for use in coating formulations. Dyneon fluoroplastic FEP 6300GZ can improve substrate adhesion and can increase the corrosion protection and gloss of the coating. Other notable features include broad chemical resistance, high shear stability, low settling tendency and weldable surface.


Typical Applications
Everflon® Fluoroplastic Dispersion FEP D50 is mainly used to formulate non-stick coatings for manufacturing cookware and baking tins. The dispersion is used pure or as an additive mixed with other fluoroplastic dispersion formulations. To increase substrate adhesion, the use of suitable primer systems is recommended. For coating metal surfaces, various techniques such as spray coating, roller coating and silk-screen coating can be employed. The formulations have to be adjusted for each technique.


Advancing the Science of Coatings
Everflon® Fluoroplastic Dispersion FEP D50 can be blended with different materials to make metal coatings with better substrate bonding. When formulating with this product, users benefit from an FEP that tends to adhere better than competitive products, while offering a better finish with excellent optical properties.


When formulating with FEP D50, you can create surfaces that have low surface energy to create a non-stick surface with very good film formation and low porosity for excellent wetting performance. The chemical and temperature resistance increases the durability and range of uses, while providing corrosion protection. Importantly, this product is cleared for repeated use food contact under (FDA) listed: 21CFR 177.1550 and complies with the requirements of European Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004, Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 and German BfR Recommendation LI.


Backed by Unparalleled Research and Customer Support
Like all of our products, 
Everflon® Fluoroplastic Dispersion FEP D50 is backed by skilled researchers at several C&F tech service laboratories. Collectively, our products benefit from decades of research and development, improving upon dispersions. Toward that end, we are in regular communication with customers who deliver feedback, allowing us to improve existing products and deliver custom solutions. All of this is part of an unrelenting drive to deliver top products to our customers.

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