Striped tubing (PTFE-FEP-PFA-ETFE-PVDF)

Everflon®Striped tubing is primarily used for easy identification of lines carrying specific fluids or intended for specific purposes. The product properties as the same as the base resin in all respects.


Currently, this tubing not only comes in PTFE, Techyours developed extrusion tech to FEP,PFA and ETFE also. The unique properties of PTFE cover an impressive range - high use temperature compared to other polymers, almost universal chemical resistance, excellent electrical properties at high voltage and high signal frequencies, non-stick characteristics, use under extreme low temperatures (cryogenic conditions) and excellent UV resistance.


Techyours® Striped Tubing Offers:


  • Stripe is continuous along tubing length, thus tubing is easily identified without the need to search for hard to find markings
  • Used to easily identify tubing running different types of fluids
  • Properties are the same as for regular “un-striped” PTFE tubing
  • Stripe marking is on the outside of the tubing, thus eliminating any possibility of interaction with the color band
  • Striped band resists wear and deterioration from exposure to high temperatures or to chemically aggressive environments.


Techyours® Striped Tubing Applications:

Aerospace &Transportation Technology, Electronics, Components & Insulators, Chemical & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Food Processing, Environmental Sciences, Air Sampling, Fluid Transfer Devices and Water Processing Systems




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