Everflon Coating Powder is a high performance material made from fluoropolymer resin. Four kinds of Everflon Coating Powders, Everflon FEP, PVDF,ETFE and PFA Coating Powder, are available. Everflon Coating Powder are low in melt viscosity and excellent in melt fluidity which can give a coating free of pinholes. Everflon Fluoropolymers coating powders are ideal for use as corrosion resistant linings because of their excellent thermal and chemical resistance properties.

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Everflon® Fluoropolymers Coating Powders Products

FEP Powders Coatings

Everflon provides FEP as a dry powder for electrostic powder coating, and as a liquid dispersion for liquid coating and for impregnation of a variety of media. FEP coatings impart a smooth, chemically resistant and inert surface for uses in the chemical processing industry, cookware, and other demanding applications.

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PFA Powders Coatings

Everflon PFA Powder coatings have extremely high temperature resistance as well as excellent surface release properties. They are used in consumer and institutional bakeware and as release coatings on conveyors used in automated cooking and baking processes. PFA coatings are also used in semiconductor high purity chemical storage and handling equipment, as well as vessels and piping for the chemical process industry.

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ETFE Powders Coatings

Everflon ETFE Powder has high chemical resistance and inertness. ETFE powder coating also has high mechanical strength and stiffness. It ranks highest in terms of abrasion resistance compared to PTFE, FEP, and PFA. ETFE coatings show tolerance to continuous temperature of low -100 degrees C to high 150 degrees C.

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PVDF Powders Coatings

Everflon PVDF Powder is the homopolymer of vinylidene fluoride for coating. I have fine chemistry corrosion resistance, fine ultraviolet ray and the high energy radiativity resistance etc.


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