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We only focus on fluorochemical over 15 years, and still keep ahead…

Everflon & Techyours

About Everflon™

Since 1999, C&F Group has been committed to the production and sales of fluorinated fluorite and anhydrous hydrofluoric acid in the fluorocarbon chemical industry.

In 2008, C&F invested in the establishment of a Everflon™ FLuoropolymers, specializing in R&D, production and sales of fluorocarbon-based fluorochemicals, including PTFE.FEP.PFA.ETFE.PVDF and PCTFE, and research and development of modification and processing properties of the above raw materials.

Based on the research and development center of Polyfluorinated Chemicals, we established a new material of Techyours™ in 2013 to provide customers with professional fluoropolymer future processing technical support.

In 2018, the Product Application Research Center established Techyours™ Technology to start production of fluoropolymer pipes and extrusions, and also began production and sales of self-owned fluorocarbon coatings.

In 2019, based on the technology of Techyours™ Extrusion, the Group decided to establish the experiment and production of Cathay™ Fluoropolymer Functional Membrane, and to produce high-performance FEP, ETFE and PFA films to meet the needs of new materials and new applications in the future.

We have never stopped pursuing the fluorine chemical industry. . .