Techyours™ Fluoropolymer Tubings

Techyours Fluoropolymer Tubings

Welcome to Techyours™. With over 20 years of experience in the fluoropolymer industry and technical expertise hailing from companies such as Everflon, as reputable, knowledgeable fluoropolymer manufacturers, we feel we are in the best position to service your fluoropolymer needs.

Currently, we work with all fluoropolymers, the most well-known encompassing PTFE, FEP, PFA, PVDF, ETFE, and PCTFE. However, we are always researching and developing new blends of resins for innovative applications in new and existing markets. Our products range from standard and metric sized fluoropolymer tubing for a variety of industries to custom designed heat-exchangers for galvanizing and steel plants.


The sun rarely sets on Techyours™ fluoropolymer products, as our customers span almost every part of the globe. We're always active in a new industry or market, using our expertise to craft the best solutions for new and existing customers, whether for new operas or 3D printing. We currently provide solutions to customers in heavy industry, general industry, the aerospace industry, the automotive industry, the environmental industry, the lab and scientific industry, and the emerging technologies industry, among others. Our service to a diverse range of industries ensures that we're able to accommodate a wide variety of customers, and our ability to provide customized fluoropolymer products puts us at the forefront of fluoropolymer innovation and advancement.

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