Everflon™  Thermofluoroplastic

Everflon™ FEP Resins

Everflon™ FEP Resins

Features and Benefits of Everflon™  FEP fluoropolymer Resins(click grade for details)

Type and Grade Characteristics Applications
FEP M4601

MFI: 1.5 for moulding

Seals, valve seats, gaskets, tank lining

FEP E4603

MFI: 2-4 for extrusion&moulding

Tubing with thickness and jacket of wire

FEP T4608

MFI 6-8 for extrusion


FEP E4610

MFI 8-10 for extrusion

Tubing and Wire jacket

FEP E4622

MFI 20-24 for extrusion and injection

Insulation for wire and cable Injection parts

FEP E4630

MFI 27-33 for high speed extrusion

Insulation for wire and cable



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